The IGP Brand


The Zampone Modena and Cotechino Modena, with the Regulation of the European Commission No. 509/1999, have been awarded by the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), the prestigious European recognition of the value of food specialties.

This authoritative certification guarantees to the consumer that:

  • the processing takes place exclusively in a well-defined area, respecting the traditional link with the territory of origin;
  • the recipe used is the traditional one;
  • the raw materials used are of quality;
  • the products have very specific organoleptic characteristics.

And not only. The guarantee that the production regulations are applied to the letter, and that the two PGIs reflect the requirements, is given by the strict controls which the producers are subjected to. The inspections are carried out by an independent body, the North East Quality Institute (INEQ), which was officially appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies.

By purchasing the Zampone and Cotechino Modena, the consumer knows how to choose tradition and quality safely.