The Consortium


The Consortium Zampone and Cotechino Modena PGI is the custodian of two ancient Italian gastronomic specialties. Founded in 2001, it has the mission to protect the two specialties guaranteed and promote their knowledge.

Its reason for being is to inform and protect the consumer: only the Zampone and Cotechino Modena obtained the prestigious European certification IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), ensuring a link with the territory and respect for the traditional recipe.

Those who choose the products protected by the Consortium are assured that they are prepared according to a 500-year-old recipe, in a well-defined geographical area and following a clear production Specification.

Zampone Modena IGP production disciplinary

Cotechino Modena IGP production disciplinary

The Zampone Modena and Cotechino Modena are controlled by North East Quality Institute, an independent body, appointed by the Ministry, which verifies the compliance with certification requirements.

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The areas of intervention of the Consortium are therefore three:


supervise the market

in order not to make improper use of the two certified names, to protect the consumer


Inform the consumer

on the distinctive features of the two PGI products, spreading the knowledge of the positive values of the European certification


through a clear production specification, compliance with high quality standards